MP STUDIO, an award winning full service commercial interior design firm, is the interiors division of renowned architecture firm Meeks + Partners


Our projects feature insightful and creative designs for single and multifamily living.  We bring spaces to life and create places that residents and visitors appreciate aesthetically. We don’t just focus on space making - we honor the concept of placemaking.

Our dynamic team of experienced designers shares a passion for creating spaces that are timeless, memorable and truly beautiful.  At MP STUDIO, we provide each client with a seamless, collaborative design experience.  We believe that places should tell a story and that inspiring design not only evokes emotion but also leaves lasting impressions. 

From our nationwide work on large multifamily projects, including high and mid-rise, student housing, and senior living communities, to our single family model home merchandising, MP STUDIO has a breadth of experience and the tools to be creative, efficient and innovative.





Brittany Meeks Biddle, RID, NCIDQ

Principal Designer

Director of Design and Production

Shana Jacobs

Principal Designer

Executive Creative Director



Sierra Withers, LEED Green Associate

Project Manager & Single Family Coordinator

Lucia Ianni

Junior Designer / Design Assistant

Chrissy Cain Vaughan

Project Manager & Lead Drafter, Multifamily

Donnie Meeks, Allied ASID, NEWH

Project Manager, Single and Multifamily Interiors

Mindy Meeks

Buyer, Single Family



Shana Jacobs,  Allied ASID  Executive Creative Director

Shana Jacobs, Allied ASID

Executive Creative Director

Shana Jacobs has over fifteen years of experience designing and specifying for single and multifamily builders. Starting her career in architecture, she soon realized her true passion for interior spaces. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design, she gained experience as a project manager for two of the country’s most reputable multifamily design firms, moving on to own a successful single family design firm.

Shana’s focus as Principal Designer & Executive Creative Director at MP STUDIO is to form and maintain client relationships, ensuring each project is designed and installed with the highest quality standards. Through initial project programming, Shana leads the design direction of each project, including researching innovative and exciting new products and creating dynamic presentations. As an integral part of the leadership team at MP STUDIO, Shana’s role is crucial in executing each project’s design direction from the initial concept through construction drawings and project management. Having an integrated design philosophy, Shana is able to apply her knowledge of architecture and architecture history creating a cohesive design. She understands the importance of working with the architect to unite the exterior and interior design process.

Shana Jacobs is an active member of several organizations, including the Greater Houston Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders, Houston and Texas Apartment Associations, and the Greater Orlando Builders Association.

Brittany Meeks Biddle,  RID, NCIDQ  Director of Design & Production

Brittany Meeks Biddle, RID, NCIDQ

Director of Design & Production

Brittany Meeks Biddle, RID, NCIDQ has multifaceted experience in residential, hospitality, and commercial design. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Voice from Belmont University and then went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from O’More College of Design in Nashville, TN. Before heading back to Houston, TX, Brittany was a member of a successful interior design team that worked on projects ranging from healthcare clinics to large vacation lodges and boutique hotels. Her experience with commercial design has equipped her with the skills to manage all phases of a project, from programming to design development and installation. In 2017, Brittany completed the NCIDQ professional qualifications and is a registered Interior Designer.

Brittany’s approach to design is rooted in exploration. She strives to create a sense of place for clients that not only offers functionality, but serves as a source of inspiration. She believes that the best designs are reached when they are equally efficient and breath-taking, and she will work endlessly with clients to achieve this goal. 

Chrissy Cain Vaughan   Project Manager, Single & Multifamily

Chrissy Cain Vaughan

Project Manager, Single & Multifamily

Chrissy Cain Vaughan has worked within many facets of design. As a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture, her career started with a well-respected residential kitchen and bath design company. She then focused her career on renovating hospitality spaces. It was there that she honed her space planning and project management skills. Prior to joining MP Studio, she served as a project manager merchandising model homes for a nationally recognized home builder.

Single and multifamily design are a natural fit for her as she is excellent at both details and creative thinking. She strives to make a space functional, comfortable and beautiful while always ensuring the client’s needs are met.

Sierra Withers,  LEED Green Associate  Project Manager, Single Family Coordinator

Sierra Withers, LEED Green Associate

Project Manager, Single Family Coordinator

Sierra Withers comes to MP Studio with a strong architectural background.  After receiving a Master of Interior Architecture + Product Design degree at Kansas State University, Sierra honed her skills at two top firms in the Kansas City area.  Working in the areas of hospitality, airplane design, and high-end residential, she has completed projects ranging from restaurant and commercial design, all with a focus of sustainability.  Sierra is highly educated, and holds the esteemed LEED Green Associate accreditation. 

Her passion for interior design is evident, and we value her enthusiasm.   Sierra has an eye for design, and single and multifamily design is a perfect fit for her level of expertise.

Donnie Meeks   Project Manager, Single Family

Donnie Meeks

Project Manager, Single Family

Donnie Meeks’ passion for design has been around his entire life. As A child he would spend most of his time either drawing in a sketchbook or creating recipes in the kitchen. Donnie always knew he wanted to pursue a creative career but was torn between the culinary arts and design/architecture.

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Donnie attended strake Jesuit college preparatory. After graduating in 1998 he attended the CIA in Hyde Park New York. It was here at the Culinary Institute of America that Donnie really dove head first into his passion for the culinary arts. After graduating in 2004, Donnie worked all over the country as a chef and kitchen manager for the next ten years. In 2013 he got involved in a commercial kitchen design project, and it was through this involvement that the spark for design was reignited. This renewed interest in commercial design, shifted my focus from the kitchen back into the world of architecture and design. Donnie began attending classes at the Art Institute of Houston in 2013 with focus on interior architecture. In the spring of 2017 he graduated with honors and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. It was from there he joined our team at MP STUDIO. He is currently working as project manager and designer in the single family division and is an allied member of both ASID AND IIDA.

Lucia Ianni   Junior Designer

Lucia Ianni

Junior Designer

Lucia Ianni is a dedicated professional of Interior Design. Her many qualifications include certifications from Auto Cad, and the New York school of Interior Design. Although her talents are truly evident from her many eye-catching installations, she is not your average designer. Graduating from the University of Houston, Lucia double majored in Public Relations and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. In her career she worked with large clients like Schlumberger playing a versatile role in their HR department, and Saratoga Homes where she coordinated design and marketing for the entire company. Her proven skills in business and professional diversity within design and marketing make her a true asset for MP STUDIO.

Lucia has always had a natural talent and interest in design. It all started from a young age when she decided to reupholster a chair she had found at a garage sale. From there she later moved on to bigger projects where her creativity was able to flourish. With her natural eye for detail oriented-nature, Lucia is able to bring together new concepts to a design that altogether make it pop. These personal traits mixed with her winning attitude and drive to conquer all tasks is what makes her unique as a designer.

Mindy Meeks   Buyer, Single Family

Mindy Meeks

Buyer, Single Family

Mindy Meeks’ bio is coming soon...

We Design Like Architects – Think Like Developers.

Attractive buildings are easy to imagine. If only architecture was that simple. The reality is, clients have varying objectives, needs, requirements and budgets. Cities have codes, covenants, rules and restrictions. And let’s not forget deadlines. Endless deadlines.

To balance these issues, and more, Meeks + Partners sets its focus on creating beautiful, purpose-driven architecture. We’ve worked with every imaginable type of multi-family residential project – and many that were once considered unimaginable. We are masters in the art of housing. We understand the importance of innovation and creativity, always balanced with technical knowledge and particular care and attention to time management. The benefit to our clients is that our projects are buildable, livable, marketable and profitable.


Our Inside Advantage

MP STUDIO is the interiors division of Meeks + Partners. Our award-winning, full service team of commercial interior designers has capably handled interior environments from single family to multi-family living to hospitality. We share a collaborative design experience with our clients so that their particular space becomes a place – with its unique story told through inspiring design.


Open Positions

Design Intern

We are always looking for amazing design students who would like the chance to learn from our firm.  Please send your resume to



  • Current Interior Design student at an accredited school.
  • Live in Houston, preferrably near our office/side of town.
  • Willingness to learn and help in all aspects of our office and design environment.