We Design Like Architects – Think Like Developers.

Attractive buildings are easy to imagine. If only architecture was that simple. The reality is, clients have varying objectives, needs, requirements and budgets. Cities have codes, covenants, rules and restrictions. And let’s not forget deadlines. Endless deadlines.

To balance these issues, and more, Meeks + Partners sets its focus on creating beautiful, purpose-driven architecture. We’ve worked with every imaginable type of multi-family residential project – and many that were once considered unimaginable. We are masters in the art of housing. We understand the importance of innovation and creativity, always balanced with technical knowledge and particular care and attention to time management. The benefit to our clients is that our projects are buildable, livable, marketable and profitable.


Our Inside Advantage

MP STUDIO is the interiors division of Meeks + Partners. Our award-winning, full service team of commercial interior designers has capably handled interior environments from single family to multi-family living to hospitality. We share a collaborative design experience with our clients so that their particular space becomes a place – with its unique story told through inspiring design.