Q&A with our Director of Design & Production

Brittany Meeks Biddle, daughter of acclaimed Architect Don Meeks, proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Q: What is your first memory of a situation where you knew you were interested in interior design?
A: Whenever we would drive through neighborhoods when I was younger (about 10 years old), my dad would teach me about the different design elements of each house and what made them one style over another. We soon made a game of this, and I would guess the style of whatever home we were driving by, be it English Tutor, French, Colonial, etc. I loved this game and grew fond of recognizing design details wherever I went.

Q: What influences you, aside from furniture and décor?
A: The surroundings of a space always influence my design direction. Nature, architecture, and culture play such significant roles into how the interior of a space will turn out. I believe that the interior design of a building should always relate to its architecture and function in a manner that is appealing to the people using it.

Q: What are your go to basics?
A: You can never go wrong with layering solid textures. The more texture the better! A mix of different solid colors also makes for an exciting look but does not become too busy.

Q: Favorite Room in the House?
A: My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I feel that the kitchen should always be open and connected to a casual dining space. Kitchens are where everyone congregates, and if designed properly, make for a great entertaining space!