Lucia Ianni   Junior Designer

Lucia Ianni

Junior Designer

Lucia Ianni is a dedicated professional of Interior Design. Her many qualifications include certifications from Auto Cad, and the New York school of Interior Design. Although her talents are truly evident from her many eye-catching installations, she is not your average designer. Graduating from the University of Houston, Lucia double majored in Public Relations and Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. In her career she worked with large clients like Schlumberger playing a versatile role in their HR department, and Saratoga Homes where she coordinated design and marketing for the entire company. Her proven skills in business and professional diversity within design and marketing make her a true asset for MP STUDIO.

Lucia has always had a natural talent and interest in design. It all started from a young age when she decided to reupholster a chair she had found at a garage sale. From there she later moved on to bigger projects where her creativity was able to flourish. With her natural eye for detail oriented-nature, Lucia is able to bring together new concepts to a design that altogether make it pop. These personal traits mixed with her winning attitude and drive to conquer all tasks is what makes her unique as a designer.