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— 5 Design Trends for Your New Home — {Our blog entry for KB Home}

Recently, MP STUDIO was tapped to contribute to the national KB Home blog with our favorite 5 design trends right now to help you when making selections for your new home. We are excited to share the article with you below.

Bring Home Your Vacation!

Its summer time and we’re dreaming about vacation! Escaping this Houston heat (or occasional hurricane) is sometimes a must. There is something magical about submerging yourself into a new environment and getting lost in its beauty.

Strapped on time or funds? A staycation and exploring your city could be a welcome break to clear your mind. Go for a walk in the park, take photos, open your eyes and take in the everyday beauty often overlooked. The key word is getting INSPIRED. We often get inspiration from posts on social media, especially Pinterest. Check out this color scheme that transports us to a suburb of France.

MAJOR INSPIRATION BY: Overall Scheme from @DesignSeeds, Door Image from @myfrenchcountrygarden

MAJOR INSPIRATION BY: Overall Scheme from @DesignSeeds, Door Image from @myfrenchcountrygarden

 Here are some tips on incorporating these vacation vibes into your own home. 

-          Use your inspiration as a starting off point. Find a piece of art, rug, or drapery that combines all of your colors.

-          Distressing existing furnishings can transform mismatched furniture into a unified look.

-          Add interior plants to your space. Don’t have a green thumb? Check out the ZZ plant! It requires very little light and only required watering about once a month.

-          Souvenirs can be a great way to furnish your home with beautiful memorable accessories.

We are still blushing over our love of millennial pink......

Are you part of our club - the one where we still love pink? If so and you're struggling with how to keep it from being too 'pretty', then we have the solution you've been waiting for...

Pair millennial pink with caramel leather and rustic woods.  Sounds simple huh? Well it is and it's fool proof. Just take a look at our recent install in Orlando, Florida. Pink, cream, rustic wood, and rich leather is all you need to disguise and offset the overly 'pretty'!

More design options to consider pairing with blush:

  • black iron
  • brass metals
  • clean lined furniture
  • rich woods
  • cream linen
  • industrial touches (lighting maybe?)
  • and sisal/jute rugs

All of these will allow you to enjoy your pink for as long as you like!


How to successfully install an eclectic gallery wall:

1.       Measure the size of the wall – length and height – be sure to take into account any furniture that may be below, if applicable.

2.       If you have access to a drawing program, like AutoCAD, you can draw your wall to scale and then input some generic sizes of art – until you like the overall pattern or design you’ve created. If you don’t have access to a drawing program, you can simply use sheets of paper in the sizes you like and arrange either on the floor or with painters tape on the wall itself, until you have a design you like.

a.       If you are planning to use a professional framing company, you can make your art any size you prefer, but if you are planning to frame yourself with retail frames, you’ll want to estimate your art in some standard sizes: 8x10, 11x17, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36, etc.

3.       It helps to start with one larger piece as the anchor art. In our case, we used the large oval art to act as center to our random collage on either side.

4.       Repeat unifying factors: bronze frames, square shapes, small vs. large, colorful art, sketches, colorful mats, framed vs. canvas, etc. If you look at our example – we repeated these elements on both sides until it felt balanced.

a.       Balance is something that does not have to mean symmetrical.

b.      You just need to make sure one side doesn’t feel lighter or heavier than the other side.

c.       Know that if it feels good for you, then it is a success!

5.       In this example, we used an art rod system from Pottery Barn and it added a great metal and rustic feel to our gallery, but without it, the gallery is still dynamic.

As long as you compile pieces you love, you should have an eclectic gallery wall you’ll enjoy looking at for a long time!