We are still blushing over our love of millennial pink......

Are you part of our club - the one where we still love pink? If so and you're struggling with how to keep it from being too 'pretty', then we have the solution you've been waiting for...

Pair millennial pink with caramel leather and rustic woods.  Sounds simple huh? Well it is and it's fool proof. Just take a look at our recent install in Orlando, Florida. Pink, cream, rustic wood, and rich leather is all you need to disguise and offset the overly 'pretty'!

More design options to consider pairing with blush:

  • black iron
  • brass metals
  • clean lined furniture
  • rich woods
  • cream linen
  • industrial touches (lighting maybe?)
  • and sisal/jute rugs

All of these will allow you to enjoy your pink for as long as you like!